Progress Report: Test Subject 'ME'

Wednesday, 18 January 2012
For the past week I have been experiencing 'Phase 1' of my transition from worker-bee to student.
  • With the removal of menial corporate tasks from her daily regime, the subject has shown positive signs of self-improvement.
  • Outbursts of rage have reduced greatly and insomnia has been rendered nearly non-existent.
  • The subject is responding well (albeit not overzealously) to the newly implemented morning exercise routine and healthier diet.
  • Increased exposure to the sun has yielded good results and the subject is showing good levels of bronzing. 
  • Overall, the subject is stable and docile for large parts of the day. However, during lapses of diminished optimism, the subject seeks comfort in safer activities including, but not limited to, watching episodes of her favourite series', surfing the web and playing computer games.
  • Since classes do not officially start until early February, prolonged exposure to comfort activities might cause the subject to relapse into uncontrolled MMO-RPGing.
  • The current exercise and diet regime will be maintained for the remainder of the transformation.
  • Daily doses of preparation and planning will be administered to counteract signs of brain-lag and / or diminished conversational capacity..
  • In emergent cases of de-motivation, 10cc doses of optimism will be administered every three hours until subject stabilizes.
As you should be able to deduce from the report, everything seems to be going according to schedule and I am well on my way to becoming a university student (again). If you are a first time university student I hope that you too are running on schedule.


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